TTO 2021 Organising Team

The Truth and Trust Online conference is a truly unique collaboration between platforms, academia and practitioners. The organising committee includes:

General Co-chairs

Baybars Örsek (International Fact-Checking Network / Poynter Institute)

Christos Christodoulopoulos (Amazon)

Area Chairs

Program Chairs: Isabelle Augenstein (University of Copenhagen, CheckStep) and Paolo Papotti (EURECOM)

Publicity Chair: Elena Kochkina (Queen Mary University of London,  Alan Turing Institute)

Academic and Practitioners Chairs: Tanu Mitra (University of Washington) and Giovanni Zagni (Pagella Politica / Facta)

Technology and Website Chair: Georgi Karadzhov (University of Cambridge)

Operations manager

Ahmed Medien (Hacks Hackers)