This conference is a truly unique collaboration between platforms, academia and practitioners. The organising committee includes (in alphabetical order):

Mevan Babakar – Full Fact
Guillaume Bouchard – Facebook
Kalina Bontcheva – Sheffield University
David Corney – Full Fact
Emiliano De Cristofaro – UCL
Michael Golebiewski – Microsoft
Ferenc Huszar – Twitter
Maria Liakata – Alan Turing Institute
Simon Martin – Mumsnet
Arpit Mittal – Amazon
Will Moy – Full Fact
Delip Rao – AI Foundation
Miriam Redi – Wikimedia
Sebastian Riedel – Facebook
Marzieh Saeidi – Facebook
Andreas Vlachos – Cambridge University
Cong Yu – Google
Amy X Zhang – MIT / Credibility Coalition

Area Chairs

Program Chairs: Maria Liakata (University of Warwick) and Andreas Vlachos (University of Cambridge)
Local Organisation: Guillaume Bouchard (Facebook), Mevan Babakar (Full Fact), Simon Martin (Mumsnet), Marzieh Saeidi (Facebook),
Publications Chair: Kalina Bontcheva (University of Sheffield)
Publicity Chair: Mevan Babakar (Full Fact), David Corney (Full Fact)
Area Chairs: Emiliano De Cristofaro (University College London), Ferenc Huszar (Twitter), Sebastian Riedel (Facebook and University College London), Cong Yu (Google) Amy Zhang (MIT, Credibility Coalition)
Sponsorship Chairs: Arpit Mittal (Amazon), Delip Rao (AI Foundation), Miriam Redi (Wikimedia Foundation)