WORKSHOP: Publishing research on global misinformation and disinformation

Oct 13, 9:00 – 12:00 (ET)

A workshop led by
Dr. Josephine (Jo) Lukito
(Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Texas, Austen, School of Journalism and Media)

This is a hands-on workshop that is motivated by these two central points:

  1. Publish more research using big data/computational approaches to study public opinion (e.g., content analysis work).
  2. Publish more research on mis/disinformation in the global south/non-Western countries.

Dr. Lukito is the guest editor of a special issue on Global Misinformation and Disinformation for the International Journal of Public Opinion Research (IJPOR), anticipated to be published in 2023. The issue highlights research on global misinformation and disinformation, and its relationship with public opinion. This includes (but is not limited to) the spread of mis/disinformation across countries, the effects (or lack thereof) of mis/disinformation on public opinion, and solutions for combating mis/disinformation. Papers must be theoretically motivated, globally conscious, and must make use of empirical methods (including, but not limited to, survey research, experimentation, and content analysis).

Details about the special issue can be found here

The goal of the workshop is to discuss research related to global misinformation disinformation that might lead to publications for the special issue.

Below are two papers that show the kind of research published at IJPOR (Oxford University Press):

  1. Qualitative analysis of social media content: [LINK]   Hameleers, M. (2021). They are selling themselves out to the enemy! The content and effects of populist conspiracy theories. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 33(1), 38-56. 
  2. Quantitative analysis of media content: [LINK]  Beckers, K. (2021). “According to the Polls…” Opinion Poll Coverage in Network Evening News during the 2020 US Election Campaign. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 33(4), 1050-1061.

Workshop Structure

PART 1: Dr. Lukito introduces the special issue goals; themes that are relevant; examples of themes and methods; submission criteria etc.

PART 2: Workshop participants share briefly what their current projects are about, then discuss in groups areas of common interests.

PART 3: Dr. Brooke Foucault-Welles (Northeastern) shares strategies and advice about working in interdisciplinary teams.