Accepted Submissions

Technical Papers

Fact-checking multidimensional statistic claims in French
Oana Balalau, Simon Ebel, Théo Galizzi, Ioana Manolescu, Quentin Massonnat, Antoine Deiana, Emilie Gautreau, Antoine Krempf, Thomas Pointillon, Gérald Roux and Joanna Yakin.

“Gettr-ing” User Insights from the Social Network Gettr
Filipo Sharevski, Amy Devine, Emma Pieroni and Peter Jachim.

The role of online attention in the supply of disinformation in Wikipedia
Anis Elebiary and Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia.

YouTube COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation on Twitter: Platform Interactions and Moderation Blind Spots
David Axelrod, Brian Harper and John Paolillo.


Is Personalised Content Moderation a Good Idea?
Bertie Vidgen and Paul Röttger. – Verification assisted by Artificial Intelligence
Kalina Bontcheva, Symeon Papadopoulos et al..

The Data Access and Transparency (DATA) Index: Evaluating Transparency in Online Social Platforms
Shayne Longpre, Cameron Hickey, Manoel Ribeiro and Deb Roy.

Identification and characterization of misinformation superspreaders on social media
Matthew DeVerna, Rachith Aiyappa, Diogo Pacheco, John Bryden and Filippo Menczer.

The Audience Initiative: Assessing what drives trust and public value in online media
Maha Taki, Sonia Whitehead and Alasdair Stuart.

Public reasoning towards truth and community trust: regulating online deliberative spaces for participatory AI and data governance
Willow Wong.

Designing for Trust and Truth in Digital Intimacy
Vaughn Hamilton, Gabriel Kaptchuk, Allison McDonald and Elissa Redmiles.

Crowdsourced Fact-Checking: How is BirdWatch Doing?
Mohammed Saeed, Gianluca Demartini and Paolo Papotti.

panels, workshops, and community labs

Disinformation and Online Abuse Targeted at Communities of Color
led by Dhanaraj Thakur (Research Director, Center for Democracy & Technology)

Fireside Chat with Tomer Poran, VP of Sales and BD, ActiveFence
led by Clara Tsao, Founding Director of the Filecoin Foundation

Broadening the Global Scope of Mis- and Disinformation Studies
led by the TTO 2022 PC Chairs

Publishing research on global misinformation and disinformation
led by Josephine (Jo) Lukito