Technical Information

Welcome to Truth and Trust Online 2021! In this document we will outline the most important features of the conference platform and common questions that might arise.

Important Features

Access to the TTO’2021 platform

This year TTO will be hosted on the following address: Conference Portal. By purchasing a ticket and registering for the conference your login credentials should be automatically generated and sent to your email address. The email with your credentials is sent by Truth and Trust Online 2021 <> and the title of the email is “Thank You for Registering!”. This email will contain a link to the event page, your email and temporary password. If you haven’t received this email, please contact us at


Conference Menu

Once you login in the system you will be presented with a menu like this. In order to promote better networking and overall experience, we ask participants to go to Account and fill their profile with their position/affiliation/or any other relevant information.

Watching the talks

There is a single entry point to all of the talks is located in the Sessions tab.

Sessions Interface

In the centre of the screen each of talks will be broadcasted. Once the broadcast starts, the view above would be slightly different – the stream would be split into speaker view and presentation view, and each attendee will be able to resize the two views as they see fit.

On the left hand-side is the session navigation. Once the conference starts, the active session will have a live indicator, and only that session will be broadcasting. Once a session ends, it will stay available for replay.

On the right hand-side are the social and QnA features of each session, which are unique for each session, i.e. question you ask during the keynote will not appear during the first block of talks.


During TTO’2021 we provide different ways for the attendees to network, based on the individuals’ preference.

Group chat. Complementary to the chat rooms in each of the sessions, there is a chat room in the “Lobby” section which would be persistent throughout the event. This would be the best place to share your ideas or comment on specific session of the conference if you’d like to continue the discussion after the talk has ended.

One-to-one networking. If you’d like to chat with someone privately, you can invite them to a private chat by selecting their name in the chat or by finding them in the “Networking->People” tab. There, you can invite them for an impromptu audio/video call as well.

Group audio-video call. During the lunch breaks and after the conference we invite you to join group audio/video calls to network with other attendees. You can find the break-out rooms at: Networking -> Groups. Each room can have up to 25 people, and we will likely have more than 1 room active – feel free to join any.

Matchmaking. If you are interested to find people with similar interests to yours, try the Matchmaking in the Networking tab. You will have to fill a short questionnaire about your interests and the platform will suggest people who might have similar interests.

Technical Issues?

Should you have any technical issues that are not covered by this document, please contact us at: